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Velux Skylight
Bubble Skylight
Velux Skylight Diagram
dual-sealed and injected with Argon
gas.  A double layer of low-E coating
provides excellent thermal
The exterior frame, constructed of
extruded aluminum, stands up well to
VELUX's Comfort coated glazings protect
condensation, making rooms more
comfortable year round.
around the roof curb (the wood frame for
the skylight) proving a tight seal and
protection against moisture, debris and air
The glass is firmly adhered to the frame
making it virtually impossible to separate
the two and providing further protection
against leaks.
Currently have old plastic bubble skylights
that are discolored, leak, and contribute to
excessive energy costs?
Security Roofing can solve these problems by replacing your current
skylights with Velux curb mounted skylights.  Velux skylights are impact
resistant, will not fade or leak, and will save you money in cooling and
heating your home.
Are you looking to put an end to those dark rooms by bringing in beautiful natural light?  One
of the quickest and most cost effective ways to light up those rooms is by installing tubular
skylights.  Tubular skylights are very effective in lighting up bathrooms, master closets,
hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens and more.  The Velux Sun Tunnel skylights offer an option
for a light kit as well for evening lighting.
A traditional Velux skylight will instantly transform a room by adding warmth and depth.  
Velux is the world leader in skylight manufacturing, offering skylights for your every need.  
Velux skylights are offered with numerous different options.  They can ventilate a room
either manually or by remote control.  They also offer a variety of glass types, light blocking
shades, and other options to reduce the amount of heat and light let into your home.  
Velux Sun Tunnel
Velux Sun Tunnel
Velux Sun Tunnel Example
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