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Why Us
"Professional & Reliable Service!"
What to Consider When Selecting a Roofing Company
1.  Does the company have adequate insurance to protect you and your home?
2.  Is there a license or registration required for roofing contractors in your area?
Click on the following links to see Security Roofing's certificates:
3.  Do you know what you're getting and that everything will be installed properly?
  • Security Roofing itemizes all the work to be done so there is no confusion or surprises
    once the work begins.
  • Security Roofing follows all applicable Building Codes and Manufacturer Installation
    Instructions at all times.  We will never "Cut Corners," leaving you with substandard
    work that may cause a voided manufacturer warranty or problems down the road.
  • Many roofing contractors use 25 year 3-Tab shingles for hip and ridge cap on a  
    dimensional roof to save money.  Security Roofing only uses the appropriate
    High Definition Hip and Ridge to maintain your roof's warranty and en hance its
  • Security Roofing always installs Ice & Water Shield along all eaves to greatly
    reduce the risk of future Ice-Damming problems.
  • Security Roofing always installs Ice & Water Shield around all chimneys,
    skylights, and underneath closed-cut valleys to ensure a water-tight roofing
    system throughout the warranty of the shingles.
4.  Does the company pay close attention to details from beginning to end?
  • Security Roofing will provide you with all the information you need in order for you to
    make an informed decision .
  • Landscaping will be protected throughout the job.  Clean-up of the roof, gutters, and
    yard is extensive upon job completion.
  • Sufficient Security Roofing installers will be sent to you home and they will work
    diligently to minimize your inconvenience.  Most jobs are completed in one day!
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